Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Little Computer Nerd

I’m afraid we may have another “computer nerd” on our hands. I say "another" because Daddy is a software geek….I mean engineer (LOL). Actually it would be nice to have two computer experts under one roof.
Kyle has been fascinated with Mommy and Daddy’s laptops. I’m always so afraid he is going to damage or break one of our computers so I came up with a brilliant idea. Why not get Kyle his very first laptop. While Kyle was at school this morning Mommy went shopping…Yeah!! Kyle now has an adorable Vtech Tote & Go Laptop Plus!! It features many activities to teach language, math, and music. The laptop is probably “above” Kyle’s skill level at this time, but it will be a great toy for him to grow into and in the meantime keeps Mommy and Daddy’s computers safe from his little hands….at least that is the plan!! Included are a couple of pictures of Kyle checking out his new computer. He already seems to love it so it was a great purchase!!
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"See...Look...My Very Own Laptop!"


Lauren said...

Cute! I am sure he is so proud of his new laptop!