Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Odyssey Begins!

John and I accomplished so much work in our yard today. It is a ton of work, but so worth it in the end. This is only the beginning...our list of projects is continuous. It's a good thing, we both enjoy working outside and we make a great team! We made three huge trips to Home Depot this morning to purchase all our supplies....50 bags of mulch, 16 bags of rock, 4 hibiscus bushes, 2 petunia baskets, and marigolds. Believe it or not, we completed all of the projects we set out to do today, including mowing the grass. What a tremendous accomplishment!
Hibiscus Bush By Front Door
Marigolds By The Mailbox...
We have our fingers crossed the bunnies won't eat the flowers. Backyard Mulching Project Backyard View Our Happy Little Helper...Kyle had so much fun being wheeled around the yard.


Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said... guys were BUSY! Looks great!