Saturday, May 30, 2009

OnStar Service

One of the nice features we received when we purchased our new car last year was a one year subscription to OnStar. It really is a comforting feeling to know help is only a phone call away if you find yourself in an emergency situation. Thankfully, we haven't used the service...that is until today. As I mentioned in my previous post, we took a trip to the zoo. As we were getting things organized to bring inside with us, John accidentally locked the keys in the car. We called OnStar and within just a minute or two the doors were unlocked...a lot quicker and easier than calling Pop-A-Lock!

Since, we found ourselves in this situation, we did learn two very important lessons. The first lesson is to program the OnStar phone number into our cell phones. The second lesson is that we will most certainly be renewing our subscription when the time comes.

Animal Adventures

Today we made a spur of the moment decision to go the St. Louis Zoo. The zoo is wonderful and the best part is the admission is free...however you do have to pay for parking. The weather was perfect for an outdoor adventure, although it was hot! It was extremely crowded so we didn't have the chance to see many animals and Kyle wasn't able to ride the carousel. We did venture into the Children's Zoo for the first time. Kyle was able to pet a snake...well actually he grabbed it and wanted to pick it up...needless to say the zoo volunteer wasn't very happy and neither was the snake. This section of the zoo also has a sprinkler area for the children, but we weren't prepared for Kyle to get very wet so he couldn't have much water fun. We will remember this for our next visit to the zoo. Kyle did enjoy petting the goats and even was nice enough to brush one of them. Since we were there at lunch time we stopped and had lunch at one of the outdoor cafe areas.

We enjoyed our first official summer family adventure. We hope to have many more fun times together over the next several months. Hope you enjoy the pictures from our day at the zoo!

Da-Dee and Kyle
Kyle "petting"the snake Our little otter
"Grooming" the goat Most of the goats were just relaxing

Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Children's Rooms and Nurseries

It's Friday, which means it's time for another edition of "Show Us Where You Live Friday". This weeks featured room is children's rooms and nurseries. If you would like to tour other beautiful, creative rooms please visit Kelly's blog.

Our son, Kyle, would like to welcome everyone to his very own "Big Boy Room". About five months ago, Kyle moved out of his nursery into his new room. The theme for the room is Planes, Trains, and Trucks. For anyone who knows Kyle this is a very fitting theme since he LOVES anything "transportation" related. We had such a wonderful time redesigning the room...complete with new flooring, paint, furniture, and the fun, adorable decor! I hope you enjoy the tour!

Kyle, the cute little boy who lives in this room!
A Birthday Keepsake personalized for Kyle, which also
includes special events and information from the date of
his birth and the year he was born. By far, my all time favorite pieces in Kyle's room are the table/chair set and the toybox. The moment I saw these two items I automatically knew they would be a perfect addition to the room! Aren't they just the cutest pieces????

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beach Vacation Day

Today was Beach Vacation Day for Kyle's class in celebration of the last day of school. The children were asked to wear beach attire to school and parents were asked to apply the necessary sunscreen since the class would be outside for over an hour playing water games. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate. With rain off and on this morning and cooler temperatures the beach party was moved indoors. I'm sure all the children had a good time despite not being able to head outside to play in the water. I will have to make it up to Kyle in the near future and have his very own beach vacation day in our very own backyard!

Kyle decked out and ready to head to the beach!
Striking a pose!
Kyle's beach attire wouldn't be complete without a
Thomas the Train beach towel!

Our Token of Appreciation

Today is Kyle's last day of preschool for this school year. Kyle has really enjoyed school and has progressed so much in so many areas. I'm so proud of my little boy! Kyle's teacher, three assistants, and his three therapists are wonderful and we attribute Kyle's progress to their hard work and dedication. As a token of our appreciation, we wanted to give a little end of the year gift to each of them. The gift is a "Movie Night" theme. Included is a gift card to a video store, popcorn, and a box of candy, as well as a card "signed" by Kyle with his picture and a little note from our family. I received this gift idea on a mom's message board and I really thought it was such a cute, creative idea. I hope Kyle's teachers enjoy their gift.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Office

A couple of month's ago John's office moved to a new location. Kyle and I received the grand tour this weekend. I enjoyed the tour and it was good to see where John spends countless hours per week "makin' the bacon". Kyle's favorite thing about Da-Dee's new office was the phone. Kyle loves to "talk" on the phone and is extremely animated when he does... he really believes he is carrying on a real conversation! He also loved exploring and wanted to play at all the desks. I really hope no one noticed anything out of place when they arrived to work yeaterday...LOL!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Today is John's birthday! Unfortunately, for him it was an ordinary day at work, but he was able to come home this evening and celebrate with his little family. He was greeted at the door with a bag full of birthday cards and a few gifts. John was pleasantly surprised since our new kitchen was his birthday gift. Inside his festive bag, he unwrapped cologne...Eternity and Cool Water and a new book. Kyle and I also took him out to dinner this evening to Red Robin. It's always a good decision since the restaurant is very Kyle friendly and holds his attention long enough to enjoy our meal. We hope you had a wonderful birthday...Kyle and I love you very much!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Strawberry Picking

On Sunday, the Spence Family headed out for a day of family fun! We took an hour drive to Eckert's Farm in Belleview, IL. for strawberry picking. We have been to Eckert's in the past for peach picking, apple picking, and Halloween fun, but today was our first trip to pick strawberries. We had a good time, but we can safely say that summer is definitely was hot! Kyle enjoyed the tractor ride out to the strawberry fields and he was excited about finding the strawberries only for a very short while. He was more entertained by running up and down the field. We didn't stay in the strawberry fields for long and only picked a little over a pound of strawberries. We will be sugaring the strawberries, so we can enjoy some strawberry shortcake...YUM!!

After the strawberry picking, we headed over to the "Fun Corral" for some Kyle style fun...including an airplane swing ride and a pony ride. He LOVED the airplane swing and rode it three times! Kyle also had fun exploring the tractors which were on display and got the chance to climb/drive them. John and I also had our fun while we were there, by shopping in the Country General Store and the garden center. Below are several pictures to highlight our day at Eckert's Farm.

Kyle on the tractor ride

Kyle finding a pretty red strawberry...

and another one! Kyle getting his exercise in the strawberry patch What a cool tractor!
Kyle's first airplane swing ride with Daddy watching!
And another swing ride!
Kyle riding the pony with Daddy!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Six Year Celebration

Saturday night John and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary. Technically, our anniversary was Sunday, May 17th, but since we were unable to celebrate last weekend we decided to do it this weekend. We had a fabulous evening! We chose to have dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse! They sprinkled rose petals on our table to signify that we were celebrating our anniversary! Everyone who came by wished us "Happy Anniversary"! We thought it was a special touch to the dining experience. Wow, the meal was fantastic! We began with the shrimp cocktail appetizer, John ordered filet with lobster tails, and I had petite filet with shrimp....everything was absolutely delicious! Unfortunately, desert was out of the question since we were extremely full!

After dinner, we made our way over to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel to enjoy some cocktails. John and I first met at the Ritz-Carlton in 2002, so we enjoy seeing where "our story" began...although, we didn't officially start dating until six months after we met at the Ritz. We look forward to many happy years to come!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Dining Room

This week on Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Friday tour the feature room is the Dining Room. The dining room is the first room people see as they enter our home. We don't use the room very often so it is usually very neat, clean, and organized. I love the furniture in our dining room and several of the pieces have family and senitmental value.

The dining room table and the chairs are beautiful, unique antique mahogony pieces which belonged to my late grandmother. Within the past six years we have had the table and chairs refinished, but it didn't take away from the original beauty. The china cabinet and china certainly are special since they belonged to my sister who passed away several years ago. Because of the sentimental value of the china, my husband and I chose to use this china instead of picking our own pattern when we got married. The wine cabinet, side board, and display table were purchased once we moved into the house. I love the open feeling of the room, as well as the bay window, which provides plenty of natural light.

I hope everyone enjoyed the tour of my dining room. To view other dining rooms please visit Kelly's blog. I will certainly be back next Friday to take everyone on a tour of Kyle's room.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!

View of the dining room from the entry foyer The dining room enters into the kitchen
Bay window which opens to the front of our home Wine cabinet which took us a very long time to locate China cabinet with the china and crystal displayed

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Future Monet In The Making?

Last month, the local school district hosted an Art Fair. I was very surprised to learn that a piece of Kyle's artwork was selected to be on display at the fair. Unfortunately, I found this out after the fair took place so we didn't attend the fair to see Kyle's artistic debut. If I do say so myself, I think his "masterpiece" is very impressive for a three year old. We plan to frame the artwork and display it in Kyle's playroom.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Balloons for Kayleigh

For many months, I have been following the story of a little girl named Kayleigh Anne Freeman who was a micro preemie born weighing just one pound one ounce. Last week Kayleigh passed away and today her parents asked everyone to release pink balloons in her memory. Below are several pictures of the balloons being released here in St.Louis, Missouri.

Three pink balloons for Kayleigh
Kyle, our micro-preemie miracle releasing the balloons Up, Up...
And Away!