Monday, March 31, 2008

All Booked Up

I LOVE to read. I'm excited because a few of my favorite authors are releasing new books in the next couple of months. I recently pre-ordered these books through Amazon so hopefully they will be delivered on the release date. I do admit I read a ton of chick me it is very entertaining. I do also enjoy reading books about raising children/toddlers and also read books associated with various needs for Kyle.
Jennifer Weiner's new book, "Certain Girls" will be released on April 8th. Other books I would recommend by her are "Little Earthquakes" and
"Goodnight Nobody".
Another great chick lit author is Emily Giffin. Her new book, "Love the One You're With", will be released on May 13th. Other good reads by her are "Something Borrowed", "Something Blue", and "Baby Proof".
Sophie Kinsella is another great author with many great books. Her latest "Remember Me" was released in February and I throughly enjoyed the book...I read it in a weekend. Other books by her are the Shopaholic series which I found extremely entertaining.
These are a few of my suggestions for those of you heading to the beach this summer and are looking for the perfect "beach read". I love to relax and read when My Little Munchkin is napping...he better not outgrow his nap anytime soon!
To my blog readers...Please feel free to share any author/book recommendations you may have..I'm always looking for new books, authors, I have a Border's gift card to use! Thanks!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Parenting 101

Saturday Night Mommy and Daddy had “Date Night”. Typically, we would head to dinner and a movie, but last night we decided to do something a little different. We definitely are happy we did…it was such a blast!
We thought it might be a wise decision to take a “Parenting 101” class. The Playhouse at Westport Plaza is showing a production of Parenting 101: A Musical Guide To Raising Parents. The show was absolutely hilarious…covering topics from labor/birth, potty training, first day of school, puberty, high school, going off to college, and getting married. They incorporate each scene with familiar songs worded to fit each topic. If you would like to find out more about the show…check out the link above. After the show, we went to Nino's, a delicious Italian restaurant for dinner, located in Westport not far from the Playhouse. The evening was so much fun and we will certainly be keeping our eyes open for future shows at The Playhouse at the Westport Plaza. While Mommy and Daddy were out on the town, Kyle was having fun with his babysitter. She has babysat Kyle a few times so they know each other and seem to get along well, so we knew he was in good hands.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Monkey Joe's

Saturday morning Mommy, Daddy, and The Little Munchkin ventured to a great place called Monkey Joes. Children of all ages can bounce, slide, jump, run, and have a blast. Kyle has been several times and thoroughly enjoys himself each and every time. Mommy and Daddy also get to act like kids and bounce and jump right along with Kyle. If you have children/grandchildren, etc. you should check out MonkeyJoe's and see if there is a location near you.... it is so worth checking out! Attached are a few pictures from our fun family outing! Enjoy!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Good Day...All Around!

Today has been a great day!! We left the house and it's Friday!! As you can see it doesn't take much to get Kyle and I excited! LOL
My Little Munchkin is feeling much much better!! He was able to attend school this morning and had a "good day". I love picking him up from school and hearing those words. Many days I do hear these words, but on occasion I do hear he didn't have such a great day. Everyone, has bad days, so I assume he's enititled every now and then, right? Even though, it is a lot of "work" for him he still really enjoys himself, loves his therapists, and has a great time with the other children. Recently, I wrote a post about Kyle's preschool if you would like to check it out..."Preschool at Two?".
He actually ate pizza for lunch....for Kyle this is a BIG deal!! This will have to be another blog post altogether regarding his eating habits....hence the name "Little" Munchkin.
Although, Kyle was under the weather the majority of the week I was still able to find his smile!! In the pictures below he was having a grand 'ole time playing in his ball pit. This was a wonderful gift from Santa last sure has been a big hit. I am waiting for the day he decides to take a nap in it....if this ever happens I will be sure to have the camera ready!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! So glad Kyle is feeling better so maybe we can head out and have some fun!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Splish Splash

Kyle loves's one of his favorite times of the day!! He really enjoys the water and everyone is soaked by the end, but a great time is always had by all!! He also enjoys "attempting" to brush his teeth...he could sit all day long and brush brush brush. Mommy and Daddy have to do the actual brushing, but he definitely gets an "A" for effort.
Below are a few pics of Kyle making sure to brush from all angles!
Recently, we found these Thomas and Friends (blue - Thomas, green - Percy, and red - Salty) squirt bath toys. Kyle has so much fun playing with these and thinks it is hilarious when we squirt him. Hopefully his love of baths and tooth brushing will continue for many years to come. Unfortunately, Kyle still isn't feeling 100% so we are still hibernating inside so we don't pass the nasty germs on to anyone else. He is home from preschool this morning, but will hopefully be fine to attend on Friday. We shall see!

Hope everyone in the blog world is having a wonderful week!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Will It Ever End???

The poor ‘Lil Munchkin is sick again. A couple of days ago he seemed like he may be coming down with something. Now he officially has a cold and a pretty nasty sounding cough. He sounds like he has been smoking ten packs of cigarettes a day. We have been keeping things low key for a couple of days so hopefully he will be back to normal in no time. Poor little guy has only been outside once in two days and that was for his five minute egg hunt on Easter. Although he is not up to par he still has the energy of the “Energizer Bunny”.

It seems since Thanksgiving, our little family has been through one sickness after another. From a cold, strep-throat, stomach flu (all three of us at the same time…very unpleasant to say the least!), and coughs we’re ready to kiss it all good bye…at least until next winter. Since Kyle started school in November he has been sicker than usual, but we anticipated this would occur. The pros of school far outweigh the few times he has been sick in our opinion. This seems to have been a very sickly winter for the majority of people…at least in the St. Louis area. Has this been the case for any of my readers? If so, I at least hope this message finds you well.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

On The Hunt...

For Easter Eggs!!
Kyle had his 1st Easter Egg Hunt this morning in the backyard!! To jazz things up a bit, we found basketball and soccer ball eggs. Kyle loves balls so this made it much more "Munchkin friendly". It had snowed earlier in the morning and the temperature was pretty cold so it shortened the hunt a bit. It just seems "wrong" to wear a winter coat and hat on Easter Day....can't compete with Mother Nature though!
Enjoy the pictures of Kyle on the hunt for all his eggs!!


Looks as though My Little Munchkin received a visit from the Easter Bunny! He must have been pretty well behaved since the bunny brought a wide assortment of his favorite, trucks, books, an Elmo DVD, his very first tricycle, and a really cool helmet.
Kyle has certainly enjoyed examining his new gifts, finding out what goodies are in his eggs, and trying out his new bike. The first thing he learned to do with his bike is ring the bell! Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate today to take his first ride outside, but we will have plenty of practice time in the near future.
The Munchkin also would like to thank Ce Ce and Poppy (a.k.a. Grandma and Grandpa) for his Easter card and surprise. Kyle is super excited to bring Mommy to the toy store within the next few days!
We had a delicious Easter feast this afternoon consisting of roast, roasted potatoes, brocolli, and ceaser salad. The perfect meal for Easter Sunday!!
Enjoy the pictures of Kyle's third visit from the Easter Bunny!!
*Kyle's Easter Basket Filled With Goodies*
*Kyle's Easter Loot*
*Trying Out My New Tricycle and Helmet*

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....

Is it really supposed to snow on Easter Sunday??? Apparently, the answer is yes. See the picture below for proof!!
My Little Munchkin's Easter excitement to come later today...please stay tuned!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Munchkin At The Mills

On Good Friday Kyle didn’t have school and Daddy had a holiday. The family motored off to The St. Louis Mills Mall to do some spring/summer clothes shopping for The Little Munchkin. We scored some really cute shorts and shirts for him at Carter’s, my all time favorite children’s clothing store. During our shopping excursion, we took a detour so Kyle could burn off some energy and have some fun. Posted below are a few pictures of Kyle riding the train, driving the race-car, and enjoying the play area. These activities definitely made it worth while for him to make the journey to the he scored some new threads!! Hope everyone out there is having a wonderful Easter weekend!
*Riding the Choo Choo with Daddy*
*Vvvvroom Vvvvroom*
*I Love Myself*
*On The Move At The Mall*

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fear of the Unknown

Due to Kyle’s pre-maturity he has NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) follow up appointments every six months. Today was his two and half year appointment. I have always dreaded and stressed over these appointments and unfortunately today wasn’t any different. During the appointment Kyle’s over all health, growth, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and cognitive development are evaluated. These appointments are always in the afternoon, which is when Kyle’s nap time generally is so it's always iffy what his attitude will be. Of course, I want him to “perform” to the best of his ability, but not having his usual nap always throws us a curve ball. It is definitely clear with his skills and abilities that the preschool he attends is helping him a great deal although he is still developmentally delayed. Yes, we are doing everything we can for him, but my biggest fear as a mommy is the unknown. No one is able to predict the future for my son….it is so very scary. I just want my son to grow up and lead a normal life. Is this too much to ask for?? No one is saying he won’t grow up to be a perfectly developing child since there are no red flags, but the fear of the future is very daunting. I just really look forward to the day where this is all behind us and I hear the words…”He is caught up!!” Those words will be music to my ears. I have faith I will hear these words eventually because Kyle is such a strong, smart toddler and he has proven he can make it through whatever comes his way. If anything his rough start has taught him to be tough and he can overcome obstacles. Despite any delays or issues he is still my son and nothing can change that. He is such an adorable, easy going little guy and is making big leaps forward…even if they may take him a little more time.

I do want to keep this blog "cheery and happy", but from time to time there are various subjects I just want to get off my chest. Thanks for "listening"!

It's Finally Here...

After a long , cold, and snowy winter it’s finally arrived!!! I’m thrilled!! Personally, I am so excited for springtime! Now, that I’m in the Midwest and have a child, I look forward to this time of year. It’s time to watch the tulips bloom, trees bud, enjoy the pleasant temperatures, and enjoy a breath of fresh air each and everyday.
Obviously, the above can happen only if the weather/temperatures cooperate. It seems the weather can sometimes be a big tease, since we seem to always have another cold spell. Each year, I so look forward to getting out and enjoy working in the garden. Usaully, to “celebrate” I plant pansies…so that will need to be on my “to do list” the next few days. It’s always nice to add some color around the garden, since it’s been so brown and drab for so many months. Enjoy the start of yet another season!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Watch Me Grow...

Watch "My Little Munchkin" Grow, Grow, Grow!!!

First Day Home After 86 Days In The NICU -

December 30, 2005

9 Months Old - July '06
First Birthday - October '06 Second Birthday - October '07

Playing Catch Up

From time to time I will be posting "little glimpses" from the past. I only wish I had started "My Little Munchkin" blog two and half years ago.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Playing Dress Up"

I wanted to "dress up" the blog page and what better theme for the week, but Easter. I think it's pretty festive, what do you think? This reminds me, I need to begin preparations for "My Little Munchkin's" third visit from the Easter Bunny.

Snow Day!!

This post is all about weather! This entry actually occurred on Friday, February 1st, but since I hadn’t entered the world of blogging then, I’m posting it today. This particular day Kyle had yet another 1st…his 1st official “Snow Day” from school. Daddy also had the day off from work so we all ventured out into the snow and had a little fun. Kyle enjoys playing in the snow for the first ten minutes or so and then he is “all done”. I will share a few pictures of Kyle modeling his new snow suit and his snow boots.

Having Fun in the Snow!
Mommy and "My Little Munchkin"
The first couple of snowfalls of the year are always exciting. I sure am hoping the St. Louis area is "all done" with snowfall for the year. I'm so looking forward to spring...more to come on this subject later this week.
As for today...our nursery rhyme of the day is..."Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day..."

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday...

TO ME!!!
I'm a St. Paddy's Day baby!! It has always been a really fun day to celebrate in more ways than one!! Wow, I can't believe I'm 38's really scary to think, but only 2 years away from the "big 40"!!

Just so you know, I have the best husband in the world. Below is my birthday present from my hubby, a diamond baguette band. The ring matches the diamond baguette earrings I received a couple of years ago for my first Mother's Day! Well, technically I've had the ring since Valentine's Day, but we agreed this would be a multiple occasion gift. (V-day, B-day, and our anniversary)

My Little Munchkin gave me the cutest birthday card...I treasure all my cards from my boy!! Along with the card I received a $38 (my age) Borders gift card. Kyle knows how much Mommy loves to read so this was the perfect gift.

Happy Birthday to all the other St. Patrick's Day babies!! I've met a few of you in the past so I know you are out there!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day blog world!! Hope everyone is wearing green today...I don't want anyone to get pinched! I would assume most people did there celebrating over the weekend with parades, parties, etc.

Of course, Kyle loves to celebrate all holidays as you can see in the pictures below! Happy Monday and I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Sweetest Things....

I couldn't resist and had to share my excitement. My Little Munchkin finally gives me hugs...such huge, long hugs! I just soak up and revel in the moment... it is just the very best feeling in the world!! Kyle was somewhat affectionate as an infant/baby, but once he discovered the "world of movement" all the affection was put on hold. He was too too busy to be bothered. He also enjoys giving kisses as well, but I've been receiving my kisses for a couple of months...kisses are so so sweet as well. I should also let you know that Daddy also receives these precious hugs and kisses.

Preschool at Two??

Why yes, Kyle attends "preschool" at the age of two on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Due to Kyle's pre-maturity he is experiencing some developmental delays. In November '07 he began a preschool program which he thoroughly enjoys and is receiving several therapy services. He has already learned a tremendous amount on top of the peer interaction, which I feel is so very important for him at this age, especially since he is an only child. I never would have dreamed of sending my two- year old son to school, but he loves it so and has truly blossomed since beginning the program. Kyle will be attending this particular school until Oct. '08 when he turns 3. At that time he will be switching preschools which will be determined in the near future. Below are a few pictures of Kyle all set and ready to head off to school. He has an adorable monogrammed sports themed backpack which he loves to carry and showoff. Enjoy the pictures!
Leaving The House For School
Big Smiles...I'm So Excited! Back Home From School