Saturday, April 5, 2008

Go Furies!!

For the past 21 years John has been involved with a Rotisserie Baseball League. Today was their all day player auction. Weeks and weeks ahead of time John “studies” to determine which players will comprise his team. He pours over books, statistics on the Internet, and then puts together his spreadsheets to take to the auction. He still takes this very seriously even after 21 years. The Baseball Furies is the name of his team, named after the baseball gang in the movie The Warriors. Has anyone seen this movie??? I can honestly say I haven’t and have no desire to! Kyle was running around the house the other day with this DVD and I was wondering why we had this movie… now I know. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but always secretly hope that The Furies do extremely well since first, second, and third place is cash!! As you can see in the pictures below the guys really get into the baseball league…way back when, John actually had a baseball jersey made with his team name, which he wears every year to the auction. Anyone else have a boyfriend or husband that is involved in a baseball league…or any other sport for that matter??? I’ve heard even some women are in leagues so maybe some of the women readers actually are involved in leagues as well.
Go Furies!
Leaving For The Auction


Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

My husband plays on an intramural baseball team. They have a great time. It is a group of guys that we are friends with who either played in high school or college. The games are Thursdays and the wives come, so we always get to socialize. It is a lot of fun.