Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Other Child

Chloe and I have been together for 11 years. She is the cutest, sweetest dog, but she sure is high maintenance! At times, I feel as though she requires more attention than Kyle. I have always treated Chloe as if she is my "daughter", so I guess it's somewhat my fault since I've spoiled her.
She has been through quite a bit and cost a pretty penny through the years...from surgery on her two back legs, allergy testing, grooming every 5-6 weeks, and the usual pet care required. She is beginning to have minor kidney issues and requires a special diet so at the moment this is a top concern of mine. She had a check up last week at the vet for various tests and a senior physical exam. She was also scheduled for a vaccination, but since I am a bad Mommy, I failed to give her Benadryl before her appointment so we had to reschedule until tomorrow. In the past Chloe has had an allergic reaction to certain shots so a Benadryl dose is always a prerequisite to her vaccination appointments. The vet and I didn't want to take the risk of a reaction so we will try again tomorrow.
I have a "Chloe to do" list for tonight and in the morning. John just went to pick up the Benadryl at the store, she has to fast for 12 hours, and also we need to bring in a sample, which is always loads of fun to collect in the morning. The sample from last week was inconclusive due to fat in the blood stream...guess what that is caused from??? Kyle feeding Chloe. I'm going to have to start locking Chloe up when Kyle is eating since she is getting "busted" by the vet. The game between brother and sister will need to come to sad for both of them. I guess the time has come for me to start cleaning up the kitchen floor instead of Chloe. Hopefully, all her testing will be completed and all the results will be good...especially for her kidneys.
Chloe can be a handful, but she is certainly worth it all ! I love this little dog so very much!
I know all the dog lovers out there can understand. Pets become such a special part of the family.
Isn't Chloe just the cutest thing???


LSU Melanie said...

awww sooooo sweet! I have a spoiled one over here too. Sassy is spoiled to a fault. How can one resist such a sweet face:)

Kelly said...

OH I love that you have a bichon too! Aren't they the best? Dawson is 5 1/2. We get him groomed every 2-3 months. He is just the best dog - we are so in love with him!