Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friendly Fun!!

My Little Munchkin had a great morning! We hosted a playgroup at our house for a couple of Kyle's friends. We have been involved with a small neighborhood playgroup for a couple of years and get together on a weekly basis for the kiddos to play and the moms to talk!! Is playgroup really for the children or is it for the moms????
Allie, Grant, and Kyle had such a fun time playing together this morning...especially with the bubbles. We have a new bubble machine that creates bubbles inside of huge bubbles. I'm sure we will get a ton of use from the machine especially once we can head outside to play on a regular basis.
Grant Hammers Away at the Bubbles!
Bubbles.... Bubbles...
Allie and Grant Pose for a Picture on the Whirley Rocket!


RB said...

Love the pics Linds. We are getting a bubble machine for the summer. What is up with Grant's cheesy smile on the rocket thing? Gotta love him.

Liz said...

What fun it looks liek they had! I love bubbles!!!!!