Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh Wow...

What a fabulous day!!
The weather today was absolutely fantastic and Kyle and I certainly made the most of it!! This morning, we met one of Kyle's playgroup friends for a nice stroll. It was so great to finally get out and about and enjoy the sunshine, breeze, and listen to the birds chirping.
This afternoon after naptime, we had a playdate with one of my very good friends from high school, Lorie and her son Everett. Everett is almost a year older than Kyle, but the two of them seem to have such fun together. We played outside the entire afternoon and took a long long walk around the lake in our neighborhood....watched the ducks and just enjoyed the beautiful day.
Kyle just having a great time!
Lorie is the very reason I am very happily married and have migrated to the midwest. She introduced John and me, since John is good friends with her husband. Hopefully, soon she will be moving closer to us so we can spend more time together with the boys.
Once it was time for our friends to head home Everett was hugging everyone good bye which was so sweet. Kyle then walked up to Everett and gave him a hug...this was so awesome to watch. I practically had tears in my eyes since this is the first true hug he has given to a friend. I am just so disappointed with myself since I didn't have the camera to capture this special moment...Bad Mommy!

John and I also had a meeting this afternoon in regards to preschool for Kyle when he turns 3 in October. It is a transition process and I was relieved to finally have the meeting and get a few questions answered. The preschool sounds great and is through our local school district. We will have a few more meetings and tests between now and October, but so thankful the process has begun.

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful day as well!!