Sunday, April 27, 2008


Unfortunately, I jinxed myself! I got a tad bit too carried away with the recent spring temperatures and planted a few flowers. The lows tonight and tomorrow night are forecasted to be in the mid 30's and since we are west of the city we tend to be about 3-4 degrees colder. We are expecting some frost, so now the pretty flowers have a new home for a day or two and a few others have attractive black bags over them. So sad, but if I had been a little more patient I wouldn't have these worries. Live and learn!!
Nice View By The Front Entrance...LOL
Trash Bag Decorating The Mailbox Flower boxes for the deck are decorating the garage.
Hanging Baskets Temporary Home...The Garage.


Jay said...

the flower are thank for the warmth for the bag lol ...As long the flower live all good and planting gradening :)