Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bills, Bills, Bills

These are completely random thoughts and questions.
As I'm sitting here paying bills and balancing the checkbook I was wondering if the majority of women/wifes or the men/husbands pay the bills? I am in charge of paying the bills and I like it that way! This way I know the bills are being paid and mailed. My husband would always tease me, saying I would wait by the mailbox with the checkbook to pay the bills that arrived that day. Sad, but true, it wasn't far from the truth. Since we had a child things have changed a bit in that department, but everything gets paid in time...especially the internet bill. I couldn't live without internet access!
Ok, a couple of other "random" thoughts popped into my head as I was typing...
Is your mailbox on the street or by your front door? When I was growing up in New Orleans the majority of mailboxes are by the front door, but here in St. Louis the mailboxes are by the street. That definitely took some getting used to after moving...just call me lazy!
Also, do you pay bills by check or on line? I do both, but I wouldn't mind paying everything on line since it is so much easier and less time consuming.
Just some tid bits of information I would find interesting from my readers if you would like to leave a comment.


Liz said...

My husband pays all the bills. Well not all the bills I do pay my credit card bill but he does all the rest. He pays the majority online nad only sends checks when it is the only options.

At our first house in Brentwood my mailbox was by my front door. I loved it! Since we moved in August it is out by the driveway and I tell you what I sometimes forget to pick up the mail b/c it's not right there by the door.

Lauren said...

I pay the majority of our bills. My husband pays his car payment and insurance, but that is it. I pay every single one of our bills online. It is just so much easier that way.

The luckiest Wife and Mom in the world! said...

I pay all the bills expect Jason's student loans... for some reason I HATE paying those so he gets to! :)
I pay almost all of them online.
Our mailbox is on the street, and that's all I have ever had! That's one of my favorite times of the day is when mail comes! I know boring!

Lindsey said...

I hate to admit too, but mail time is my favorite time of day!! I'm not sure why since it's mostly bills or junk mail!! I'm boring too I guess!