Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guilty Conscience

Late Monday night before John and I headed off to bed Chloe (our dog) was MIA. We searched inside the house high and low and there were no signs of her. We finally found her in the very back of the yard in the pitch dark, so I knew something got her attention. John went on the mission to find out what was so interesting to Chloe...only to find a litter of bunnies covered by pine needles. At 11:30pm at night we are we leave the bunnies or move them from our yard?
The reason this poses such a problem is we would need to ban Chloe and Kyle from the backyard until the bunnies are big enough to be on their own. Keeping a dog and a very curious toddler (who I'm sure would have discovered the bunnies) out of the yard for a questionable amount of time would be impossible, especially in this beautiful weather.
A few years ago, I had a not so pleasant experience with a litter of bunnies in our yard. It was the one and only night John was traveling for work so I was home alone. (This was pre Kyle). I walked into our bedroom to find some rat looking creatures on our floor and freaked out...I had no clue what these things were. I ran across the street to get assistance from my neighbor who came to my rescue. He had no idea what they were either so we disposed of them. I locked Chloe out of the yard until John returned home the following night about midnight. When John got home he took a look and discovered they were bunnies. To this day, I still can't believe Chloe brought three baby bunnies into the house. She was extremely protective of these bunnies and was very upset to see them go...I guess her motherly instinct took over.
Back to the present...John and I decided to move the bunnies under a tree not in our backyard. I couldn't take the chance that Chloe would want to protect the bunnies and bring them inside. My guilty conscience has been working overtime because I can't seem to get these poor bunnies off my mind. I have been checking on them a few time a day and they are huddled together and still alive. I'm sure the mamma bunny isn't taking care of them since the babies were tampered with. I do hope they will survive and will be OK, although I do have to say our neighborhood doesn't necessarily need any more bunnies.
Did we make the right or wrong decision? Given the circumstances would you have done the same thing? Are we really terrible people since we did this?
I did take a couple of pictures of the bunnies for all to is amazing how much they have grown in just a short period of time.


Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said...

We had a bunny problem last spring at our old house and Shepley finding the nest and not leaving it alone.
I ended up putting lawn chairs all around the hole and fencing up off the ground so mommy rabbit could get in but Shepley could not. I don't think the mommy rabbit ever came back b/c she smelled us. But the baby rabbits seemed to live and then proceed to eat all my damn hostas!!!
That's what I get for trying to be nice

Anonymous said...

I would rather have little baby bunnies than a yard full of moles!!