Tuesday, April 15, 2008

100 Things About Me - Part 3

Yet another wonderful post with 25 very fascinating facts about yours truly...LOL! 51. Since spring has officially arrived I can’t wait to work in my garden and plant flowers. (Hopefully, I’m not jinxing myself.) 52. I wear only silver/white gold jewelry. 53. I very rarely eat breakfast. However, while on vacation, it is a must! 54. I don’t like coffee…we don’t even own a coffee pot. 55. I drink soda on a daily basis. I can’t believe I now call it soda….I used to always call everything Coke. 56. I love chocolate, but then again who doesn’t? 57. I don’t drink white milk...only chocolate. 58. I don’t like to grocery shop. It’s a good thing my husband enjoys it. 59. I don’t read the newspaper. 60. I am a creature of habit. 61. I love to people watch. 62. I am not always patient…I like things “done yesterday”. 63. I am opinionated, but don’t usually voice my opinions to people… except to my husband. 64. I hate confrontations. 65. I over analyze things way too much. 66. I care what people think of me too much. 67. I am a very curious person. 68. I don’t always take criticism very well. 69. I wear earplugs when I sleep…drives my husband crazy! 70. I have to sleep with the ceiling fan on. 71. My favorite perfume is Jessica McClintock. 72. My favorite type movies are romantic comedies. 73. I listen to country music. (This surprises people I know in real life.) 74. I am not a very good swimmer. 75. If I like a piece of clothing I tend to buy one in every color. Part One Part Two