Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is It Spring?

The Spences are ready for spring...along with everyone else!! Today was such a beautiful felt and looked like spring. The temperature was about fifty degrees which is technically a little too chilly for spring like temperatures. After such a long winter with such cold temperatures fifty degrees feels wonderful!

Of course, the three of us took advantage and headed out to enjoy the afternoon. Where else would we go to do this? A park of course and needless to say Kyle enjoyed his time outdoors...climbing the equipement, going down the slides, going around and around on the merry go round, and his all time favorite...swinging! One goal we have for the summer is to get Kyle comfortable on a "big"boy" swing. He has been on the big swing in the past, but isn't a huge fan and much prefers the enclosed bucket swing. At four years old, Kyle is a bit big for this type of swing, but it makes him so very happy as you can see in the photo below. I need to find a strategy to assist him in getting over his fear of the big swing.

So happy on the bucket swing
So happy to be outside Here he comes, down the slide
We have been to this park a number of times, but today we discovered a creek located behind the park. We walked closer, only to see there was absolutely no water, so we used it as an opportunity to explore nature. We will need to check back after a heavy rain to see the creek filled with water. Today, it was a neat experience to walk in it...without getting wet!

The empty creek turned into our playground
This was just a neat picture I took of an airplane
and the pretty blue sky
Hope everyone had a great weekend, as well as a great February. Tomorrow is the first day of March...where does the time go! See you next month!


Mommy Puhr said...

I am so happy to see new post!! Kyle is getting so big and cute!!! You must be a proud Mommy!!!!!

Btw it's time to call me!! :-)