Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween - 2009!

Hope everyone had a safe, yet fun-filled Halloween! After days and days filled with rain, rain, and more rain, the weather truly cooperated and we had a wonderful night to celebrate Halloween in St. Louis. Our little fireman, Kyle, certainly had a very enjoyable evening trick or treating and protecting our neighborhood streets. Usually, we enjoy making the rounds from house to house as well as handing out candy to the many trick or treaters. Kyle was having such a good time and wasn't quite ready to head home so we continued on and didn't make it home in time to hand out any candy. We did leave a huge bowl full of candy on our front porch for the kiddos to help themselves. One neighbor set up a haunted house maze in his garage and Kyle attempted to lead us through the maze....however we couldn't easily find our way out, but we finally did after several minutes! Below, are several pictures of "Our Future Firefighter".

The Spence Family had a very successful Happy Halloween! Now, it's time to begin looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Kyle the fireman
Happy Halloween from the cutest little fireman around
Set and ready to go trick or treating
Finally, I'm on my way...give me some candy!
Patiently waiting for someone to answer!